GenoType MTBDRsl test results for the detection of FLQ, AM-CM, and EMB resistance in 64 smear-positive and smear-negative sputum specimensa

Resistance and MTBDRsl pattern (gyrA, rrs, embB)bMTBDRsl resultDST resultcNo. (%) of strains
    gyrA ΔWT3, MUT3CFlQrOFLr4 (6.3)
    gyrA MUT1FlQrOFLr1 (1.6)
    gyrA MUT1 + 3CFlQrOFLr1 (1.6)
    gyrA MUT3A + 3BFlQrOFLr1 (1.6)
    gyrA MUT3B + 3CFlQrOFLr1 (1.6)
    gyrA WTFlQsOFLr1 (1.6)
    gyrA WTFlQsOFLs51 (79.7)
    Not analyzable/excludedNoneOFLs4 (6.3)
    rrs ΔWT1, MUT1AMr CMrAMr CMr4 (6.3)
    rrs (WT1), MUT1AMr CMrAMr CMr1 (1.6)
    rrs ΔWT1, MUT1, MUT2AMr CMrAMr CMr1 (1.6)
    rrs ΔWT1AMs CMrAMr CMr1 (1.6)
    rrs WTAMs CMsAMr CMr1 (1.6)
    rrs WTAMs CMsAMs CMs52 (81.3)
    Not analyzable/excludedNoneAMs CMs3 (4.7)
    Not analyzable/excludedNoneAMr CMr1 (1.6)
    embB ΔWT1, MUT1BEMBrEMBr7 (10.9)
    embB ΔWT1, MUT1AEMBrEMBr2 (3.1)
    embB MUT1BEMBrEMBr1 (1.6)
    embB WTEMBsEMBr16 (25.0)
    embB WTEMBsEMBs34 (53.1)
    Not analyzable/excludedNoneEMBr4 (6.3)
  • a r, resistant; s, susceptible.

  • b WT, wild-type pattern with all respective bands; ΔWT, omission of the respective band; (WT), only a weak band visible.

  • c Drug resistance was determined by conventional DST on LJ or MGIT, and in the case of a discrepancy, the DST was repeated by a second method and by determination of the MIC on LJ.