Comparison of the diagnostic tests used in this study

Test or antigen and assayCR or K value (χ2 value)a
Culture or skin testESAT6-prMPB70
Culture or skin test0.97 (628.57)0.88 (510.73)0.87 (510.62)0.85 (480.72)0.83 (469.80)
ESAT6-p0.88 (514.18)
EIA98.70.86 (493.47)0.84 (470.87)0.81 (446.73)
LBAA93.994.00.77 (396.96)0.75 (382.91)0.74 (373.49)
EIA93.792.983.50.74 (358.01)0.91 (557.06)
LBAA92.491.987.787.00.70 (321.33)
  • a CRs (percent) are in boldface type. The K values and χ2 values were obtained by chi-square analysis performed to evaluate the agreement between a positive or negative result of a bacterial culture or skin test, an EIA, an LBAA, and an ICGA with ESAT6-p or rMPB70. According to the chi-square analysis, all of the assays used in this study are statistically significantly associated with each other (P < 0.0001).