Primers used in this study

Assay type and gene targetPrimerSequenceProduct size (kb)aSource and/or referenceb
Single-target PCRc
    mecAaminoR5′-GGGACCAACATAACCTAATAGAT-3′0.74This study
    mec complex C2dIS-55′-CTGCATCAATGGCACGATATAA-3′5.5This study
orfXprobeR5′-TGCTTCTCCACGCATAATCTT-3′0.4This study
ccrB4-R5′-TAATTTACCTTCGTTGGCAT-3′1.4This study
    VT uniquee ccrC-FR5′-CCAACAAATTAAAGCAAAACAAGC-3′4.0This study
Multiplex PCR
    Multiplefβ25′-ATTGCCTTGATAATAGCCITCT-3′15; this study
    ccrAB1α25′-AACCTATATCATCAATCAGTACAT-3′0.7i15; this study
    ccrAB2α35′-TAAAGGCATCAATGCACAAACACT-3′1.0i15; this study
    ccrAB3α45′-AGCTCAAAAGCAAGCAATAGAAT-3′1.6i15; this study
  • a Predicted size of PCR product when the indicated reverse primer is used in conjunction with the given forward primer.

  • b The reference or source is for both the forward and the reverse primers. A reference is given for the forward primer only if it was used with more than one reverse primer, and one is also given for each single primer. For the multiplex PCR, the primers were described previously, and the assay conditions are described in this study.

  • c For each gene target, the first primer listed is the forward primer, and the subsequent primer listed is the reverse primer.

  • d Only a single primer is required because the mec complex C2 is flanked by complementary inverted repeats of 15431.

  • e This target is a unique product of SCCmec VT that is formed when this primer is used alone.

  • f The multiplex PCR involved the use of one forward universal primer (β2) with three reverse primers (α2, α3, and α4) to target multiple genes. The individual targets are listed with their respective reverse primers.

  • g The forward primer γF was used with two reverse primers (γR and CDS15-R) to target the same gene.

  • h Product size when this reverse primer is used in conjunction with γF.

  • i Product size when this reverse primer is used in conjunction with β2.