Summary of SCCmec typing results in colonization and SSTI isolates from Taiwana

SCCmec typePCR product typingNo. (%) of isolates
mecAccr genes (complex typec)mecImecR1ccrCmec complex C2dCol (n = 34)SSTI (n = 16)
IV+AB2 (2)+27 (79.4)2 (12.5)
VT+C2 (5)+++5 (14.7)13 (81.3)
II+AB2 (2)+++1 (2.9)0
III+AB3 (3)+++NDNDND1 (2.9)0
IV/ccrC+AB2/C2 (2/5)++01 (6.3)
Vb+C1 (1)++00
  • a Reflects data from the 34 colonization (Col) isolates that were from patients that did not have MRSA risk factors. SCCmec typing was performed by PCR as described in Materials and Methods. Primers for mecA, ccr complex, mecI, mecR1 (PB), and mecR1(MS) are shown in Table 1 and are described in Materials and Methods. ND, not determined.

  • b V refers to the SCCmec V element in strain WIS from Australia (16).

  • c ccr complexes 1, 2, and 3 each contain a ccrA and ccrB gene, whereas the ccr5 complex consists of either ccrC1 (present in the SCCmec V prototype strain WIS) or ccrC2 (present in the SCCmec VT prototype strain).

  • d Primer IS-5 was used (see Table 1).