List of 5′ 16S rDNA-sequenced staphylococcal culture collection strains (n = 81)

Species or subspeciesStrain(s)a
S. arlettaeDSM 20672T
S. aureus subsp. anaerobiusDSM 20714T
S. aureus subsp. aureusDSM 20231T, ATCC 25904, ATCC 31890, ATCC 29247
S. auricularisDSM 20609T
S. capitis subsp. capitisDSM 20326T, DSM 6180, DSM 20325
S. capitis subsp. urealyticusDSM 6717T
S. capraeDSM 20608T
S. carnosus subsp. carnosusDSM 20501T
S. carnosus subsp. utilisDSM 11676T, DSM 11677
S. chromogenesDSM 20454T
S. cohnii subsp. cohniiDSM 20260T, DSM 20261
S. cohnii subsp. urealyticusDSM 6718T
S. condimentiDSM 11674T, DSM 11675
S. delphiniDSM 20771T
S. epidermidisDSM 20044T, ATCC 35984, DSM 1798
S. equorum subsp. equorumDSM 20674T, DSM 20675
S. equorum subsp. linensDSM 15097T
S. felisDSM 7377T
S. fleurettiiDSM 13212T
S. gallinarumDSM 20610T
S. haemolyticusDSM 20263T, DSM 20264, DSM 20265
S. hominis subsp. hominisDSM 20328T, DSM 20329
S. hominis subsp. novobiosepticusATCC 700236T
S. hyicusDSM 20459T
S. intermediusDSM 20373T, ATCC 49051, ATCC 49052, ATCC 51874
S. kloosiiDSM 20676T, DSM 20677
S. lentusDSM 20352T
S. lugdunensisDSM 4804T, DSM 4805, DSM 6670
S. lutraeDSM 10244T, DSM 10245
S. muscaeDSM 7068T
S. nepalensisDSM 15150T, DSM 15151
S. pasteuriDSM 10656T
“S. pettenkoferi”B3117, A6664b
S. piscifermentansDSM 7373T
S. pulverericDSM 9930T
S. saccharolyticusDSM 20359T
S. saprophyticus subsp. bovisCCM 4410T
S. saprophyticus subsp. saprophyticusDSM 20229T, DSM 20038
S. schleiferi subsp. coagulansDSM 6628T
S. schleiferi subsp. schleiferiDSM 4807T, DSM 4808, DSM 4809
S. sciuri subsp. carnaticusATCC 700058T
S. sciuri subsp. rodentiumATCC 700061T
S. sciuri subsp. sciuriDSM 20345T, DSM 6671
S. simulansDSM 20322T, DSM 20323, DSM 20723d
S. succinus subsp. caseiDSM 15096T
S. succinus subsp. succinusDSM 14617T
S. vitulinuscATCC 51145T
S. warneriDSM 20316T, DSM 20036
S. xylosusDSM 20266T, DSM 20267, DSM 6179
  • a T, type strain; ATCC, American Type Culture Collection, Manassas, Va.; CCM, Česká sbirka mikroorganismů (Czech Collection of Microorganisms); DSM, Deutsche Sammlung von Mikroorganismen und Zellkulturen (German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures), Braunschweig, Germany.

  • b Courtesy of the authors, both strains were used to acknowledge the recently proposed but not yet validly described staphylococcal species “S. pettenkoferi” (36).

  • c It was recently proposed that strains (including the type strain) of S. pulvereri actually belong to the species S. vitulinus (26).

  • d Strain NRRL B-2628 (DSM 20723), originally described as “S. staphylolyticus, was classified as a biovar of S. simulans (34).