Comparison of original and repeat phage typing results

StrainaNo. of isolates
Original phage resultRepeat phage result in duplicate
Classical EMRSA-164952 (includes 3 originally miscellaneous)
Variant 2915
Variant 4710
Variant 29/47b25 (includes 1 originally miscellaneous)
Variant T1923 (includes 3 originally miscellaneous and 1 originally variant 47)
Variant D1823 (includes 5 originally miscellaneous)
  • a Phage patterns are as follows: classical EMRSA-16, 29inh/52inh/75/77/83A/83C +; 29, 29inh/47; 47, 29inh/47/75; 29/47, 29inh/47 ± 52/75; T, 29inh ± 52inh; D, 29inh/52/42E/47/79/81/83C +; miscellaneous, combinations of the above, with or without additional reactions.

  • b Variants 29 and 47 were determined to be the same on repeat phage typing and therefore renamed 29/47.