MLST profiles of levofloxacin-resistant isolates of S. pneumoniae collected during year 1 of the PROTEKT US study (2000-2001)a

MLSTNo. (%) of isolates with the following MLST allele:% OccurrenceState(s)Levofloxacin MIC range (mg/liter)Comment
SLV of ST371862642612Massachusetts16->16SLV of Tennessee23F-4 clone
DLV of ST37181264141Massachusetts16DLV of Tennessee23F-4 clone
3718626462Washington, Tennessee16->16Tennessee23F-4 clone
8144244117Pennsylvania, Iowa, North Carolina, New Jersey, Missouri, Texas, Michigan8->16Spain23F-1 clone
SLV of ST81442468 (96)111Kansas8SLV of Spain23F-1 clone
1567111016814Connecticut (2), Michigan, Nebraska8-16Spain9V-3 clone
23615161915620262Iowa, Alaska8->16Major multiresistant Taiwan 19F strain
632536121721142New York>16Sweden15A-25
376611111572771North Carolina>16North Carolina6A-23 clone
2421529421301141Massachusetts16Taiwan23F-15 clone
9056126341Ohio>16Spain6B-2 clone
13154552783Colorado, Oregon, Tennessee16SLV of England14-9 clone
Unknown A4 (95)20 (96)3 (96)50 (96)82 (96)51 (98)102 (98)1California16May have undergone extensive genetic transformation
SLV of Unknown A4 (95)40 (96)3 (96)50 (96)82 (96)51 (98)102 (98)1Florida16May have undergone extensive genetic transformation
Unknown B4 (95)57 (98)66 (97)50 (96)82 (96)122 (95)3 (96)1Illinois16May have undergone extensive genetic transformation
Unknown C4 (96)57 (96)49 (95)50 (98)67 (95)46 (96)98 (94)1Missouri8May have undergone extensive genetic transformation
4218996462Massachusetts8Serotype 23A strain from Spain and Brazil
43110419381Kansas8Previously found in UK
5325111163141New York16Previously found in UK, Holland, Spain, and Brazil
62252912163141Ohio16Previously found in Spain
1005122912939181Nebraska8Previously found in Spain
1387585106141Ohio16Previously found in Sweden, UK, Denmark, and USA
1467612615141Arizona8Previously found in UK and USA
18071521061223North Dakota, Ohio (2)8->16Serotype 3 strain
199813144174141Indiana8Previously found in UK, Holland, and Ireland
205105451310181Michigan16Previously found in Sweden, Denmark, and Canada
220102014191291Pennsylvania16Previously found in Denmark
24416241610181Utah8Previously found in Spain
39515712171141Texas8Previously found in UK
46057410101273Alabama, California, Tennessee8-16Serotype 6A strain from England
473725441520282New York, New Jersey16->16Serotype 6A/B strain from UK, Austria, and Greece
5742111631141Alabama8Previously found in UK
6387211104211Pennsylvania8USA invasive strain
6511551915620261Kansas16USA invasive strain
6591544658192New York, Michigan8-16USA invasive strain
6951613446113181Pennsylvania>16USA invasive strain
816540419101271Massachusetts16Previously found in UK
12571513818151311Oregon16USA invasive strain
1269711101676141California8USA invasive strain
DLV of ST26, ST327, and ST3951574151141Ohio16Multiple possible origins
DLV of ST394 and ST4148527514811Ohio8DLV of Serotype 16F strain from UK
DLV of ST662535291242 (99.8)39251Pennsylvania>16DLV of USA invasive strain
SLV of ST110, ST638, and ST10737215104211New York16SLV of USA invasive strain
SLV of ST271, ST328, and ST63541619155520262New York16SLV of a multiresistant serotype 19F strain
SLV of ST43311411858 (99.8)171Michigan16SLV of a serotype 22F strain from the UK
SLV of ST916 and ST119076411520141Illinois16SLV of isolate previously found in Gambia and Mexico
TLV of ST3847641561502Colorado8-16TLV of Maryland6B-17 clone
  • a Abbreviations: USA, United States; UK, United Kingdom; TLV, triple-locus variant.