Diagnosis of IA and its documentation

Patient no.Criteria for IA according to EORTCaDate of diagnosisbResult for the following assay:
Host factorsClinical evidenceMicrobiological evidenceGMART-PCR
MajorMinorCultureGM in CSF or BALLSVSSV
No. of positive samplesDate of first positive sampleNo. of positive samplesDate of first positive sampleNo. of positive samplesDate of first positive sample
1YesCS, N, PNPNP3/14/200622/20/200622/27/20060
2YesHS, N, PA. fumigatus from BALBAL12/4/2006312/22/2006112/22/2006112/22/2006
3YesHS, NNegativeNP2/12/200662/12/200622/12/200622/12/2006
4YesHS, N, PA. fumigatus from BAL?1/11/200721/8/200711/13/20070
5YesHS, N, PNegativeNP2/10/200622/5/200741/29/200722/5/2007
6YesNoN, INegativeNP4/24/200693/20/200654/4/200634/4/2006
7YesNoN, INegativeNP6/1/200627/3/200617/3/200617/3/2006
8YesH, CS, I, PNegativeNegative1/23/200722/14/200741/24/200712/19/2007
9YesHS, PNegativeNP4/11/2006264/3/2006144/3/2006144/3/2006
10YesNoS, I, N, PNegativeNP8/17/200629/6/200639/4/20060
11YesNoS, NNPNP4/27/200624/25/200644/19/200614/25/2006
12YesNoS, I, N, PNegativeNP11/16/2006711/8/2006411/8/2006311/8/2006
13YesHS, I, PA. fumigatus from BALNP2/24/200732/19/200752/19/200722/21/2007
14YesNoS, PA. fumigatus from sputum and skinCSF1/9/2007412/28/200631/2/20070
16YesNoN, INegativeNP10/10/20060110/2/2006110/10/2006
17YesNoN, PNegativeNP4/4/200613/28/200613/28/200613/28/2006
  • a Criteria are from Table 2 in Ascioglu et al. (2). CSF, cerebrospinal fluid; H, halo sign; C, air-crescent sign or cavity within area of consolidation; S, symptoms of lower respiratory tract infection; I, any new infiltrate not fulfilling major criteria; N, multiple nodular lesions in the lung, P, pleural effusion; NP, not performed.

  • b Defined as the first day on which clinical and/or microbiological criteria were met.