Species specificity of RVFV RT-LAMPa

Virus (strain and/or source; reference)RT-LAMP detection
RVFV (IMTSSA/H-2167, human serum, Chad, 2005) (5)+
RVFV (Senegal)+
RVFV (Madagascar)+
RVFV (Egypt)+
RVFV (Kenya)+
RVFV (vaccine candidate clone 13)+
RVFV (wild-type strain ZH548)+
Toscana (IMTSSA/H-4906, human LCR, France, 1998) (19)
Sandfly Naples (Sabin strain)
Sandfly Sicilian (Sabin strain)
Belterra (Brazil, 1977)
Punta Toro (Adames strain, kindly provided by D. H. L. Bishop)
Dengue virus 1 (IMTSSA/H-658, isolated in human serum, Cambodia, 1998)
Dengue virus 2 (IMTSSA/H-1164, human serum, Somalia, 1994)
Dengue virus 3 (IMTSSA/H-1731, human serum, Guadeloupe, 1994) (19)
Dengue virus 4 (IMTSSA/H-812, human serum, Indonesia, 1994)
Yellow fever virus (17D)
Japanese encephalitis virus (Nakayama)
West Nile virus (Tunisia 1997)
Saint Louis encephalitis virus (MSI-7)
Tick-borne encephalitis virus (Langat)
Chikungunya virus (IMTSSA/H-6368, human serum, Réunion, 2005) (1)
  • a RNAs extracted from supernatants of cells infected with different arboviruses were assayed for detection using RVFV RT-LAMP; ∼106 copies of each viral RNA were used for each assay.