Clinical and epidemiological details and results of serological tests and Q-PCR assays of 17 chronic brucellosis patients upon entry into the study

Patient no.Dates of sample collectionAge (yr)/sexaYr of infectionFocal complicationAssociated diseasebClinical manifestation(s)Result by the following testc:Treatment (days)dOutcome
Group A (focal-disease patients)
    1Apr. 2005-Feb. 200966/M1998Spleen abscessDiabetesPolyarthralgia+1,2805,120601, Dox (60) + Strep (15); 2, Dox (60) + Rif (60) + TMP-SMZ (60); 3, Dox (180)Polyarthralgia
    2Aug. 2005-Jan. 200951/M1978Pain in right hipHypertension, dyslipidemia, depression, glaucomaPain in right hip1,280271154Dox (90) + Rif (90)Pain in right hip
    3June 2006-Jan. 200944/M1990Multiple multifocal motor neuropathyMultiple multifocal motor neuropathyLoss of right-hand strength4046101, Dox (240) + Rif (240); 2, Dox (180) + Rif (180)Loss of right-hand strength
    4Sept. 2006-Oct. 200730/M1998Pain in right kneeEpileptic crisisPolyarthralgia400e0eDox (45) + Gent (7)Polyarthralgia
    5Nov. 2003-Feb. 200935/M1999SacroiliitisHemochromatosis, obesity, seborrheic dermatitisOsteoarticular pain+201,28013635None recommendedPolyarthralgia
    6Mar. 2007-Jan. 200940/F1993Spondylitis L5Fibromyalgia, asthmaArthromyalgia, lumbar pain8012594Dox (90) + Rif (90)Osteomuscular pain
    7Dec. 2006-Sept. 200864/M2000SpondylitisNoneNone+20640960None recommendedAsymptomatic
    8July 2003-Dec. 200860/M2000Hepatic abscessNoneNone64072359None recommendedAsymptomatic
Group B (nonfocal-disease patients with subjective complaints)
    9Mar. 2003-Nov. 200844/M1990NoneCFS, hepatitis COsteomuscular pain178132None recommendedOsteomuscular pain
    10Feb. 2003-Jan. 200857/M1997NoneProstatitisPolyarthralgia1,280601, Dox (60); 2, Dox (60); 3, Dox (60); 4, Dox (60)Polyarthralgia
    11Jan. 2006-Feb. 200949/F2006NoneCFS, DM IIPolyarthralgia, asthenia+803203,75501, Dox (60); 2, Dox (45) + Strep (14); 3, TMP-SMZ (90); 4, Dox (90)Polyarthralgia
    12Dec. 2002-Feb. 200954/M2002NoneSchizophreniaPain in right shoulder+4020,4800797None recommendedAsymptomatic
    13Apr. 2003-Feb. 200942/F1994NoneCFSPolyarthralgia, fatigue, asthenia40401120Dox (180)Osteomuscular pain
    14June 2006-Jan. 200936/F1996NoneNonePolyarthralgia+802,56001821, Dox + Rif (interrupted); 2, TMP-SMZ (90); 3, Dox (90)Polyarthralgia
    15July 2006-Oct. 200835/M1997NoneHyperlipidemiaPolyarthralgia32366Dox (120) + Rif (120)Polyarthralgia
    16Oct. 2007-Jan. 200937/M1991NoneCFSPolyarthralgia0121None recommendedPolyarthralgia
    17Feb. 2008-Jan. 200956/M1975NoneCFS, hypothyroidism, hypertensionPolyarthralgia402,560250Rif (interrupted)Polyarthralgia
  • a M, male; F, female.

  • b DM II, diabetes mellitus type II.

  • c RB, rose bengal; STA, standard tube agglutination; +, positive; −, negative. Standard tube agglutination and Coombs test results are expressed as reciprocal serology titers. Q-PCR results are expressed as copies of B. melitensis DNA per milliliter of sample.

  • d Dox, doxycycline (100 mg/12 h); Strep, streptomycin (1 g/24 h); Rif, rifampin (900 mg/24 h); Gent, gentamicin (240 mg/24 h); TMP-SMZ, cotrimoxazole (trimethoprim [TMP], 160 mg/12 h; sulfamethoxazole [SMZ], 800 mg/12 h). Numbers followed by commas indicate the first, second, third, or fourth course of treatment.

  • e Upon entry into the study, the SF sample was positive by the Q-PCR assay, with 175 copies/ml.