Demographics and clinical characteristics of the study population

Patient characteristicValue
No. of patients80
Gender (male/female)36/44
Median age (range) in yrs12.5 (2-24)
No. of patients with TB risk factorsa0
No. of cases of BCG vaccination0
No. of patients with an indicator for immune-suppressive therapy such as:
    Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis19
    Nodose panarteritis2
    Liver transplantation59
No. of cases currently receiving immune-suppressive treatmentb80
Median duration of therapy (range) in mos80 (2-225)
Blood leukocyte count/mm3 (mean ± SD)2,130 ± 980
  • a TB risk factors included recent exposure to active TB cases, a recent stay in a country with a high prevalence of TB, and previous active TB or X-ray sequelae.

  • b Immune-suppressive treatment included the use of etanercept (n = 17), tacrolimus (n = 42), cyclosporine (n = 22), prednisone (n = 13), mycophenolate (n = 9), methotrexate (n = 8), thalidomide (n = 1), and azathioprine (n = 1). A total of 55 (69%) children were on single-drug regimens, 18 (22%) on two-drug regimens, and 7 (9%) on three-drug regimens.