Symptoms and signs for patients with discordant positive resultsa

Symptom or signDirectigen assay, patient 1LightCycler PCRCulture
Patient 1Patient 2Patient 3Patient 4Patient 5Patient 6Patient 7Patient 1bPatient 2Patient 3Patient 4
        Sudden onset of sore throat
        Pain on swallowing
        Abdominal pain
        Nausea and vomiting
        Tonsillopharyngeal erythema
        Tonsillopharyngeal exudate
        Soft-palate petechiae         (“doughnut” lesions)
        Beefy red, swollen uvula
        Anterior cervical lymphadenitis
        Scarlatiniform rash
        Anterior stomatitis
        Discrete ulcerative lesions
  • a Symptoms and signs adapted from Dajani et al. (8).

  • b This patient had a history of recurrent sore throat but was asymptomatic and had no clinical findings at the time the throat swab for culture was obtained.