Associations of hra with nine known virulence genes in 885 uropathogenic and commensal E. coli isolatesa

Virulence factor (gene name)OR95% confidence interval
Aerobactin (aer)0.90.7-1.2
Capsule, group II (capII)2.51.7-3.6
Capsule, group III (capIII)1.10.6-2.1
Catechole siderophore receptor homolog (iroNEcoli)3.22.4-4.4
Cytotoxic necrotizing factor (cnf)16.810.2-27.2
Dr family of adhesins (drb)0.60.4-0.9
Hemolysin (hly)6.64.7-9.8
Nonhemagglutinating adhesin (iha)0.90.6-1.2
OmpT (ompT)3.82.4-5.9
P pilus family (pff)5.84.2-7.9
    papGAD (class II)2.11.5-2.8
    prsGJ96 (class III)14.58.1-25
    papGJ96 (class I)2.10.5-8.5
Type I pilus (fim)6.24.2-9.1
Uropathogenic specific protein (usp)2.71.9-3.7
  • a Odds ratios (OR) and 95% confidence intervals for pairwise comparisons are shown. Statistically significant odd ratios are shown in boldface type (P < 0.05).