Detection of bacterial species in subjectsa

Bacterial speciesModel 1: caries active (sites 1-4) compared to caries free (site 1)Model 2: caries active (site 1) compared to caries free (site 1)
PACEbActiveFree P valuePACEbActiveFree P value
Abiotrophia defectiva UA60107<0.0001UA50107<0.0001
Actinomyces georgiae 2823NS1923NS
Actinomyces gerencseriae 3434NS2934NS
Actinomyces naes/undii serotype II34190.00072219NS
Actinomyces sp. strain ATCC 493383840NS3240NS
Actinomyces sp. strain B19SCOA8675<0.0001OA8675<0.0001
Actinomyces sp. oral clone EP00524120.00321512NS
Atopobium sp. clone GW027OA272<0.0001OA182<0.0001
Bacteriodes sp. clone AU126OA6442<0.0001OA43420.0065
Bacteriodes forsythus-like clone BU0631210NS810NS
Campylobacter concisus 79660.00035666NS
Campylobacter showae 69560.01195356NS
Capnocytophaga gingivalis 129NS69NS
Capnocytophaga granulosa 86111NS36111NS
Capnocytophaga sputigena 29180.01771818NS
Cardiobacterum sp. A, Cardiobacterum hominisOA251<0.0001OA151<0.0001
Coryne bacterium matruchotii 3329NS2729NS
Eubacterium sabboreum GT0383431NS1531NS
Eubacterium sp. clone DO016UA6899<0.0001UA63990.0007
Eubacterium sp. clone EI0742922NS1822NS
Eubacterium sp. strain C27KA1580.030298NS
Fusobacterium spp.OA191<0.0001OA1010.0002
Fusobacterium animalis 2215NS1315NS
Fusobacterium nucleatum subsp. polymorphum2334NS1634NS
Gemella haemolysans UA3594<0.0001UA2894<0.0001
Gemella morbillorum UA73106<0.0001UA62106<0.0001
Gemella sp. strain 933-88149NS89NS
Haemophilus parainfluenzae OA6039<0.0001OA40390.0137
Kingella denitrificans 27570.003UA1357<0.0001
Kingella oralis 3646NS22460.0284
Kingella sp. clone DE012/Neisseria polysaccharea56760.0077UA40760.0004
Lactobacillus spp.OA281<0.0001OA141<0.0001
Lactobacillus gasseri 1790.012369NS
Lautropia mirabolis 33210.00471921NS
Leptotrichia spp.2924NS1924NS
Leptotrichia sp. strain A39FD44250.00152925NS
Neisseria mucosa/flavescens 2224NS1024NS
Porphyromonas sp. clone DS033OA386<0.0001OA1960.003
Prevotella melaninogenica 1914NS1014NS
Prevotella nigrescens 910NS610NS
S. cristatus UA70112<0.0001UA611120.0002
S. mitis 4244NS3544NS
S. mitis biovar 2 59920.007955920.0171
S. mitis/oralis UA77117<0.0001UA70117<0.0001
S. mutans OA5623<0.0001OA36230.0006
S. parasanguinis UA53110<0.0001UA45110<0.0001
S. salivarius 54850.0234UA39850.0004
S. sanguinis UA83118<0.0001UA79118<0.0001
Streptococcus sp. clone CH016UA74112<0.0001UA66112<0.0001
Streptococcus sp. group H64731NS3631NS
Selenomonas infelix 1937NS14370.0115
Selenomonas noxia 47290.00593029NS
Selenomonas sp. caries clone DS07137220.00512822NS
Selenomonas sp. clone AA0241790.0212129NS
Selenomonas sp. clone EY047OA6641<0.0001OA5641<0.0001
Selenomonas sp. clone GT0101550.0031125NS
Selenomonas sp. clone GT0521715NS11150.0329
Selenomonas sp. oral clone CS0241690.0382159NS
Selenomonas sputigena23120.00551612NS
Veillonella dispar or V. parvula791070.003768107NS
Veillonella atypica 3431NS2131NS
Veillonella sp. oral clone BU0836782NS5482NS
  • a Species described were detected by the checkerboard hybridization procedure in >10 subjects. P values reflect significant species when levels were compared by the Wilcoxon rank sum test. NS, not significant.

  • b OA, significant species overabundant in caries-active subjects; UA, significant species underabundant in caries-active subjects.