Identification of mixed adenoviral infections of two different serotypes by multiplex PCR assay

PatientType(s) of viral isolates determined by:Type(s) of Ad in the clinical specimens determined by:Confirmed serotypes
Neutralization testSequencing of PCR productsaMultiplex PCRbSequencing of PCR products
12272, 72, 7
23373, 73, 7
333, 773, 73, 7
455, 775, 75, 7
5773, 73, 73, 7
  • a The sequencing result was confirmed bidirectionally by the use of different PCR products which are common to adenovirus, type 3 and type 7 strains, as appropriate.

  • b Identical results were obtained in multiple experiments by repeating the DNA extraction procedure with the clinical specimens and different stocks of the viral isolates which were kept separately. Additionally, optimized PCR with Ad3F/Ad3R primers or Ad7F/Ad7R primers was performed repeatedly (see the text).