Sequence variations in HPV16 E6 and E2 DNA obtained from PBMCsa

Source of HPV16 DNANucleotide variation in HPV16 genome at nt:b
PBMCs of pediatric HIV patient:
    14G (V)A (T)A (E)C (T)
    23NA (T)A (E)C (T)
    58G (V)A (T)A (E)C (T)
    19NA (T)A (E)A (K)
    16G (V)T (S)A (E)A (K)
    46NT (S)A (E)A (K)
    57T (L)T (S)A (E)A (K)
    33T (L)T (S)A (E)C (T)
PBMCs of heathy blood donor:
    12T (L)T (S)A (E)A (K)
    17T (L)T (S)A (E)A (K)
    15G (V)A (T)A (E)C (T)
CaSki cellsbG (V)A (T)A (E)A (K)
SiHa cellsbG (V)A (T)C (D)A (K)
HPV16RT (L)A (T)A (E)C (T)
  • a Positions available in the E6 (nt 350, 362, and 442) and E2 (nt 3684) PCR products. N, ambiguous G or T. Letter in parentheses, a resultant amino acid residue in HPV16 E6 or E2 protein.

  • b Both CaSki and SiHa cells are HPV16-positive cervical cancer cell lines.