Conventional and real-time PCR results for stool specimens submitted to CDC for confirmatory diagnosis

MethodologyNo. of stool specimens identified as:Total
E. histolyticaE. disparMixedNegative
E. histolyticaMixedNegativeE. disparMixedNegativeMixedE. dispar
Conventional PCRb603160010329
SYBR Green40512040116c42
TaqMan 190016000116c42
TaqMan 290013301016c42
  • a DNA sequencing analysis was performed only to assure the results and not for comparison purposes.

  • b Results from confirmatory diagnosis, performed directly upon reception of the specimen at CDC.

  • c 13 of these were clinical specimens containing other parasites than E. histolytica or E. dispar; see “Clinical specimens” for details. They were included in this study as negative controls for the real-time PCR assays. Conventional PCR for ameba detection was not performed on these samples, as they were not from suspected amebiasis cases.