In vitro susceptibilities of 2,235 clinical isolates of Candida spp. to anidulafungina

OrganismNo. testedCumulative % susceptible at:
0.007 μg/ml0.015 μg/ml0.03 μg/ml0.06 μg/ml0.12 μg/ml0.25 μg/ml0.5 μg/ml1 μg/ml2 μg/ml4 μg/ml8 μg/ml
C. albicans 1,181428618899999999100
C. glabrata 2651197097100
C. tropicalis 278125729498999999100
C. krusei 5956495100
C. kefyr 15767100
C. parapsilosis 3281111263997100
C. guilliermondii 572596093100
C. lusitaniae 34125997100
Candida spp.18613132531569494100
  • a Broth microdilution testing according to CLSI M27-A2 (10), using 24-h incubation and MIC-2 endpoint.