Percentage of prevalent species or phylotypes on tongue dorsum

Species or phylotype% Clones from:
Healthy subjects (no. of clones analyzed)Halitosis subjects (no. of clones analyzed)
H1 (102)H2 (51)H3 (68)H4 (65)H5 (76)M1 (50)M2 (56)M3 (46)M4 (81)M5 (78)M6 (47)
Atopobium parvulum364851a
Cryptobacterium curtum19
Dialister sp. clone BS095482
Eubacterium sulci2446
Fusobacterium periodonticum524
Granulicatella adiacens82151442774
Neisseria flavescens4724
Rothia mucilaginosa6431054
Streptococcus infantis1296544201
Streptococcus parasanguis271873281892794
Streptococcus pneumoniae1103
Streptococcus salivarius412426121256
Streptococcus sp. clone BW0094119
Streptococcus strain HalT4-E3122486
Veillonella parvula/V. dispar36311222101
No. of species detected2122181616162915262812
% of total detected8560767669682071685988
  • a Values in boldface indicate that the species comprised at least 10% of the tongue microbiota.