Multivariate analysis of the association between plcD interruption and extrathoracic TB after adjusting for the genotypes of plcABC genes and the three host-related risk factors using GEEa

Variable in the modelAdjusted OR95% CI
plcD genotypes
    plcD wild type1.00
    plcD mutant3.271.32-8.14
    plcD and adjacent gene mutant group1.250.73-2.14
plcABC genotypes
    plcABC wild type1.00
    One of plcABC mutant0.930.34-2.53
    Two of plcABC mutant1.150.08-16.01
    plcABC all mutant0.770.08-7.27
HIV serological test
    HIV seronegative1.00
    HIV seropositive5.221.78-15.23
    Non-Hispanic white1.00
    Non-Hispanic black2.391.31-4.38
  • a Adjusted OR is adjusted for mutations in other plc genes and the three host-related factors using logistic regression GEE (n = 682).