Frequently encountered virulence profiles among Escherichia coli isolates from women with cystitis or pyelonephritis and uninfected women

Profile no.aClusteraNo. of isolatesbPhylogenetic group(s)cMain O group(s)d (no.)Distribution of isolates by sourceeConstituent gene(s)
Fecal (76)Cyst (83)Pyelo (170)
1Ia11DO17/O77 (6)0110** papA/C/EF/G, F16, papG II, iha, fim, iutA, kpsM II, traT, ompT
2Ia9DO17/O77 (6)06**3Same as profile 1, plus fyuA
3Ia22B2O1/O2 (19)9*211 papA/C/EF/G, F11, papG II, iha, fim, fyuA, kpsM II, K1, traT, ompT, malX
4Ia6B2O18 (5)024 papA/C/EF/G, F10, papG III, sfa/foc, sfaS, fim, hly, cnf, fyuA, kpsM II, K1, traT, ibeA, ompT, malX
5Ib5B2O6 (5)104 papA/C/EF/G, F48, papG III, sfa/foc, sfaS, fim, hly, cnf, iroN, fyuA, kpsM II, traT, ompT, malX
6Ib12B2O75 (12)1011** afa/dra, fim, fyuA, iutA, kpsM II, traT, ompT, malX
7IIa5B2O75 (4)104Same as profile 6, minus iutA
8IIa7MultMult034 fim, fyuA, kpsM II, K1, traT, ibeA, ompT
9IIb7MultMult412 fim, ompT
10IIb5MultMult221 fim, iroN, fyuA, kpsM II, K1, traT, ibeA, ompT
11IIb22A, B1Mult610*6(*) fim
  • a Pathotypes and clusters were numbered sequentially as encountered in the virulence profile-based tree.

  • b Number of isolates with indicated pathotype.

  • c For pathotypes 1 to 7, all isolates were from the phylogenetic group shown for that pathotype. Pathotypes 8 to 10 were represented by isolates from three or four phylogenetic groups each. Pathotype 11 was represented by 15 group A isolates and 7 group B1 isolates. Mult, multiple groups.

  • d Within pathotypes 1 and 2, 12 isolates expressed either the O17 or O77 antigen (n = 6) or both antigens (n = 6). Additionally, pathotype 2 contained one isolate each that expressed either the O11 or O73 antigen. Mult, multiple O antigens.

  • e Numbers shown in parentheses are total numbers in each source group (fecal, cystitis, pyelonephritis). P value symbols (*, P < 0.05; **, P < 0.01), by Fisher's exact test, are for prevalence of the indicated pathotype within the particular source group versus among all other isolates combined. Symbols shown in parentheses denote negative associations. Cyst, cystitis; Pyelo, pyelonephritis.