Numbers and most common locations of IS6110 insertion sites found in four plc genes of M. tuberculosis clinical strains collected from Arkansas between 1 January 1996 and 31 December 2000

Gene (no.)No. of IS6110 insertion lociSequence of the most common insertion siteaPosition of the most common insertion sitebFrequency (%)c
plcD (n = 144)27GGTCACACTG↓CGCCGCCAAG197810029/122 (23.77)
plcA (n = 13)6CAGCTTCGGC↓AGCGCTCCCA26265324/11 (36.36)
plcB (n = 9)5ACCGTCGCGT↓CCCGCCAAGC26248615/9 (55.56)
plcC (n = 27)16GGACCGGGTG↓GTCCAGATTG26231723/21 (14.28)
  • a A 3- to 4-bp duplication at the site of the IS6110 insertion is shown with underlining. This duplication happened when IS6110 was inserted without a partial deletion of the plc genes and adjacent regions.

  • b The genome sequence of CDC1551 was used as a reference.

  • c The number of nominators and denominators was counted by strain, which was defined by RFLP and pTBN12 genotyping.