Patient characteristics

PatientSexaAge (yr)HistorybFecal carriageInfectionc
1M67Bladder carcinomaUTI
2F64Vascular complications of DBRTI + BI
3M57Stomach carcinoma, DBRTI
4M81Cardiac failure, valve replacementRTI + BI
5F85Wasting after hip fracture+UTI
6M74Pancreatitis, COPD+RTI
7F67Renal carcinoma, DB+UTI
8M63Vascular complications of DB+UTI
9F88Hip fracture+UTI
9AF84Fracture of pubic bone, DBCOL
10F80Diabetic footCOL
11F74Colon carcinoma, DBRTI
12M43Rupture of the cecum+COL
14F55Vascular surgeryUTI
15M71Hip fractureCOL
16F42Breast cancer+COL
17F76Rupture of the cecumUTI
18F77Hip fracture+UTI
20F84Diabetic footCOL
21M61Bladder carcinoma+UTI
22M78Urinary retentionUTI
23M74Femur fracture+UTI
24M72Cardiac failure, DBRTI
  • a M, male; F, female.

  • b DB, diabetes; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

  • c UTI, urinary tract infection; BI, bloodstream infection; COL, colonization.