Risk factors for people colonized with MRSA compared to those colonized with MSSA and those not colonized with S. aureus by univariate analysis using polytomous logistic regressiona

ParameterOdds ratioOverall P value
Education degreeb
    Elementary school0.86280.42100.5298
    Junior high school0.37610.36360.4672
    Senior high school0.35110.24320.2118
    Graduate or beyond0.41950.19840.1602
Marital statusc
Working as a HCW1.33031.73200.1919
Living in a dormitory0.53250.47760.7774
No. of household members1.10711.14350.0749
Presence of household members who are HCWs1.46100.88890.0092
Presence of household members ≤7 yr old2.34292.9344<0.0001
Presence of household members who are bedridden1.27161.06400.7475
Chronically ill1.25321.18270.4711
Smoking habits0.45990.7901<0.0001
Hospitalization within the past year1.45531.76370.3609
Cared for inpatients within the past year1.12211.23550.6465
Visited outpatient clinics within the past year1.04141.14670.5941
Used antibiotics within the past year2.07492.09680.0021
Tattoo and/or acupuncture and/or using parenteral drugs and/or dialysis0.63320.59870.7948
Skin or soft-tissue injury within the past year0.90040.88750.8420
Shower everyday0.76201.09090.3533
Visited public amusement places within the past year0.84140.99040.1765
Family income (NTD)
    Over 300,0000.74370.19440.4139
  • a No_C, no S. aureus colonization; HCWs, health care workers; NTD, new Taiwan dollar.

  • b Using the under-elementary-school category result as the baseline.

  • c Using the unmarried category result as the baseline.

  • dUsing the less-than-20,000 category result as the baseline.