Antibiotic resistance patterns and genotypic analysis (MLST, spa types) of Staphylococcus aureus isolates in Ibadan, Nigeria, 2006 to 2007

ST (no. of isolates)agr type(s) (no. of isolates)spa type(s)Antibiotic resistance pattern; agr type (no. of isolates)aToxin genes
ST5 (76)I (39), II (37)t311PEN, SXT, TET; agr I and II (37) sea, seb, sec, seg, tst, lukED, luk-PV,dhlgA
PEN, SXT, TET, CIP; agr I (16)
PEN, SXT, TET, ERY; agr II (19)
ST7 (45)I (33), II (12)t091PEN; agr I and II (10) sea, seg, lukED, luk-PV, hlgA
PEN, SXT; agr I (18)
PEN, SXT, TET; agr I (16)
ST121 (38)IVt159, t314PEN, SXT (12) seb, seg, lukED, luk-PV, hlgA
PEN, SXT, TET (23)
ST250b (35)I (30), IV (5)t194, t292PEN, OXA, TET, CIP, GEN; agr I (23) seb, tst, lukED, hlgA
PEN, OXA; agr IV (5)
ST88 (33)III (33)t186PEN, OXA, SXT (32) seg, luk-PV, hlgA, hlgB
PEN, OXA (1)
ST30 (30)IIIt318PEN, SXT (22) seg, tst, lukED, luk-PV, hlgA, hlgB
ST8 (25)It064, t068PEN, SXT, TET, CIP, GEN (12) sea, seb, seg, tst, lukED, luk-PV, hlgA
ST1 (22)IIIt273PEN (20) tst, luk-PV, hlgA
ST15 (10)IIt084, t085PEN, SXT, TET (8) lukED, hlgA
ST508 (9)INTcSensitive (9) seb, sec, tst, hlgA, hlgB
ST80 (8)IIIt359PEN, SXT, TET (8) tst, lukED, luk-PV, hlgA
ST241 (7)It037PEN, OXA, TET, CIP, GEN, ERY, CLI (7) lukED, hlgA
ST25 (5)It353PEN, SXT (5) sec, seg, lukED
ST72 (3)It537PEN, TET (3) seg, lukED, hlgA
  • a The major frequent antibiotic resistance patterns are given for each sequence type (PEN, penicillin; OXA, oxacillin; TET, tetracycline; CIP, ciprofloxacin; ERY, erythromycin; GEN, gentamicin; CLI, clindamycin).

  • b ST250 represents both MRSA and MSSA isolates.

  • c NT, not typeable.

  • d Detection of this gene in this strain was rare.