Results of blood culture, eubacterial PCR, and procalcitonin for group II sepsis patients with negative blood cultures

Patient no.Clinical diagnosisaResult for:
Blood cultureEubacterial PCRProcalcitonin (ng/ml)
1Convulsions and urosepsis+2
2Asthma with chest infection<0.5
3Postoperative abdominal and hepatobiliary sepsis<0.5
4Postcraniotomy meningitis+>10
5CVA with secondary sepsis+<0.5
6IHD and chest infection+>10
7CVA, CCF, acute renal failure, and sepsis<0.5
8CVA, diabetic foot, cellulites, and sepsis<0.5
9Dengue and ARDS+>2
10Pulmonary TB and pneumonia+>2
11Bilateral bronchopneumonia+>10
12CVA with sepsis+<0.5
13CCF with sepsis+10
14Lymphoma and perianal abscess+10
15Moyamoya disease with sepsis<0.5
16Pulmonary embolism and sepsis+<0.5
17SLE and pneumonia+>10
18TB meningitis and sepsis+<0.5
19Splenic abscess+>2
20Pneumonia and MODS+2
21Diabetes, renal failure, and sepsis+2
22Head injury with sepsis<0.5
23Pyogenic meningitis+>10
24Pneumonia and MODS<0.5
25Post-CPR and sepsis+2
26Pneumonia and MODS+<0.5
27Wegener granulomatosis with mucormycosis<0.5
28Viral encephalitis and MODS+>10
29COPD and pneumonia+>2
30Postoperative LVF and sepsis+10
  • a Abbreviations: CCF, carotid-cavernous fistulas; TB, tuberculosis; LVF, left ventricular failure. Other abbreviations are as defined for Table 2.