Details of HIV-infected patients on ART with incident leprosya

Patient no.Age (yr)SexClinical presentationBacterial indexWHO classificationCD4+ cell count (cells/mm3) before HAARTCD4+ cell count (cells/mm3) 6 mo after HAART% rise in CD4+ cell countCD4+ cell count when leprosy was diagnosedTime to onset of leprosy (mo)Other associated opportunistic condition(s)
135MHypoaesthetic patch and nodules, ENL2+MB1773161.889243None
235MMultiple patches in reaction, neuritis2+MB751702.31708Pulmonary tuberculosis, pericardial effusion
340FHypoaesthetic patch, neuritis0PB852513.02516None
431MNodules, ENL3+MB993383.4992Diarrhea
630MHypoaesthetic patch, ENL, neuritis0PB312156.91444Abdominal tuberculosis
742MHypoaesthetic patch0PB3315484.0374b16None
827MHypoaesthetic patch with inflammation0PB1744362.54365Herpes zoster
  • a Abbreviations: M, male; F, female; ENL, erythema nodosum leprosum; PB, paucibacillary; MB, multibacillary; HAART, highly active ART.

  • b Percent CD4 cell count was similar to what was seen at 6 months.