Blood culture, eubacterial PCR, and procalcitonin results for group I sepsis patients with positive blood cultures

Patient no.Clinical diagnosisaBlood culture isolate(s)Result for:
Eubacterial PCRProcalcitonin (ng/ml)
1Malaria, MODS, and sepsis Candida albicans +>10
2Leptospirosis, MODS, and sepsis Klebsiella pneumoniae +>10
3Cirrhosis, GI bleeding, and sepsis Klebsiella pneumoniae +>2
4Cirrhosis, hepatorenal syndrome, GI bleeding, and sepsis S. epidermidis +>2
5Diabetic infected foot and renal failure Klebsiella pneumoniae +>10
6Polytrauma with sepsis Pseudomonas sp.+>10
7CVA, IHD, post-CPR, and sepsis Escherichia coli +>10
8SLE, seizures, and sepsis Escherichia coli +>10
9CVA, CRF, and sepsis Pseudomonas aeruginosa +>10
10ARDS and MODS Pseudomonas aeruginosa +>10
11Urosepsis S. epidermidis +>10
12CVA and sepsis Acinetobacter baumannii +10
13Urosepsis E. coli and Streptococcus mutans+>10
14ILD, bleeding duodenal ulcer, and sepsis Pseudomonas aeruginosa +>10
15CVA and sepsis Enterobacter cloacae +>10
16Renal failure and pneumonia E. coli +>10
17Cirrhosis, hepatorenal syndrome, and sepsis E. coli +10
18Colon cancer, myasthenia gravis, and sepsis Pseudomonas aeruginosa +>10
19Meningitis Klebsiella ozaenae +10
20CVA, COPD, and sepsis Klebsiella pneumoniae +>10
21CVA, pneumonia, and sepsis Klebsiella pneumoniae +>10
22CRF and sepsis Corynebacterium sp.+10
23Meningitis and sepsis Acinetobacter calcoaceticus +10
24Parkinson's disease and aspiration pneumonia Pseudomonas aeruginosa +>2
25IHD and urosepsis S. epidermidis +>2
26Lower limb cellulitis and ARDS Acinetobacter baumannii +>10
27CVA and sepsis Enterobacter cloacae +>10
28Lung abscess Enterobacter agglomerans +>2
29Fulminant hepatic failure and MODS E. coli +10
30Malaria and sepsis Klebsiella pneumoniae +10
  • a Abbreviations: MODS, multiple organ dysfunction syndrome; GI, gastrointestinal; CVA, cerebrovascular accident; IHD, ischemic heart disease; CPR, cardiopulmonary resuscitation; SLE, systemic lupus erythematosus; CRF, chronic renal failure; ARDS, acute respiratory distress sydrome; ILD, interstitial lung diseases; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.