Results of eubacterial PCR and procalcitonin in nonseptic patients from groups III and IV

Groupa and patient no.DiagnosisResult for:
Eubacterial PCRProcalcitonin (ng/ml)
    1Chronic liver disease with epistaxis<0.5
    2Myocardial infarction<0.5
    3Ischemic heart disease with hypertension<0.5
    4Myasthenia gravis<0.5
    5Cerebrovascular accident (infarction)<0.5
    6Bronchitis and left ventricular failure<0.5
    7Coronary artery disease<0.5
    8Postictal loss of consciousness<0.5
    9Acute interstitial pneumonia+<0.5
    10Ischemic heart disease with left ventricular failure<0.5
    11Ischemic heart disease with hypertension<0.5
    12Myocardial infarction+<0.5
    13Coronary artery disease<0.5
    14Coronary artery disease<0.5
    15Multivalvular heart disease<0.5
    1Mitral and aortic valve replacement+10
    2Repeat of mitral valve replacement<0.5
    3Craniotomy: aneurysm clipping+10
    4CABG (off pump)<0.5
    5CABG (off pump)<0.5
    6Tibia interlock+>2
    7CABG (on pump)+10
    9Total esophagotomy+<0.5
    10CABG (off pump)<0.5
    11Craniotomy; cerebellar hemorrhage decompression+10
    12Craniotomy; posterior fossa abscess evacuation<0.5
    13CABG (on pump)+>2
    14CABG (on pump)+<0.5
    15Total hip replacement+<0.5
  • a Groups are defined in Materials and Methods.