Major spoligotypes in Finland

SpoligotypeaShared typebn (%)Geographic distributiond
S295349 (12.9)972 (6.6)Ubiquitous
S134729 (7.6)294 (2.0)Ubiquitous
S285028 (7.4)609 (4.2)Ubiquitous
S2604225 (6.6)390 (2.7)Ubiquitous
F304923 (6.1)52 (0.36)AFR, EUR, OCE, CAM, NAM
S133469 (2.4)24 (0.16)AFR, EUR, OCE, SAM, CAM, NAM
F552628 (2.1)23 (0.16)EUR, NAM
F69288 (2.1)9 (0.06)EUR, NAM
S2542807 (1.8)19 (0.13)EUR, OCE, NAM
F209147 (1.8)8 (0.05)EUR, NAM
S10426 (1.6)117 (0.8)ASI, EUR, SAM, CAM, NAM
S77375 (1.3)81 (0.55)Ubiquitous
F419215 (1.3)5 (0.03)EUR (Finland)
  • a Spoligotype, arbitrary spoligotype designation.

  • b Shared type, designation of the spoligotype in the World Spoligotype Database.

  • c Database, number of isolates in the World Spoligotype Database.

  • d Ubiquitous, spoligotype present in all seven geographic areas; AFR, Africa; ASI, Asia; EUR, Europe; OCE, Oceania; SAM, South America; CAM, Central America; NAM, North America.