PCR analysis of mycobacterial genetic elements

StrainaPrevious publication (reference)MtbC subspecies or MOTT speciesHostLocationResultb for:
16S rRNArpoBRv0577IS1081MPB70IS1561Rv3877/8 (RD1)Rv1510 (RD4)Rv3120 (RD12)Rv1257c (RD13)RV1970 (RD7)RD8Rv2073c (RD9)Rv0222 (RD10)
217-9413M. canettiiHumanZurich++++++++c+++++
17727 (116)25M. canettiiHumanSomalia++++++++c+++++
96-46M. canettiiHumanFrance++++++++c+++++
97-488 M. tuberculosis HumanThe Netherlands++++++++++++++
97-742 M. tuberculosis HumanThe Netherlands++++++++++++++
97-803 M. tuberculosis HumanThe Netherlands++++++++++++++
97-818 M. tuberculosis HumanThe Netherlands++++++++++++++
97-1177 M. tuberculosis HumanThe Netherlands++++++++++++++
97-1289 M. tuberculosis HumanThe Netherlands++++++++++++++
97-1438 M. tuberculosis HumanThe Netherlands++++++++++++++
W M. tuberculosis HumanUnited States++++++++++++++
CA-43 (43)25 M. tuberculosis HumanChina++++++++++++++
CA-65 (65)25 M. tuberculosis HumanThe Netherlands++++++++++++++
CDC1551 M. tuberculosis HumanUnited States++++++++++++++
Cb3.3 M. tuberculosis HumanUnited States++++++++++++++
2001-1225 M. tuberculosis or M. africanum subtype IIHumanThe Netherlands++++++++++++++
CA-56 (56)25 M. tuberculosis HumanCuracao++++++++++++++
97-66 M. tuberculosis HumanThe Netherlands++++++++++++++
97-279 M. tuberculosis HumanThe Netherlands++++++++++++++
97-1503 M. tuberculosis HumanThe Netherlands++++++++++++++
AH TN13475 M. tuberculosis HumanThe Netherlands++++++++++++++
Mtb21 M. tuberculosis HumanUnited States++++++++++++++
Mtb22 M. tuberculosis HumanUnited States++++++++++++++
970623 M. tuberculosis HumanThe Netherlands++++++++++++++
ATCC 27294 M. tuberculosis H37RvUnited States++++++++++++++
ATCC 25177 M. tuberculosis H37RaUnited States++++++++++++++
ATCC 51910 M. tuberculosis HumanUnited States++++++++++++++
NY iso M. tuberculosis HumanUnited States++++++++++++++
CA-105 (105)25 M. tuberculosis HumanThe Netherlands++++++++++++++
13876 (100) 25 M. africanum subtype IIHumanThe Netherlands++++++++++++++
15082 (92) 25 M. africanum subtype IIHumanThe Netherlands++++++++++++++
15199 (47) 25 M. africanum subtype IIHumanThe Netherlands++++++++++++++
133/9217 M. africanum subtype IIHumanUganda++++++++++++++
178/9217 M. africanum subtype IIHumanUganda++++++++++++++
290/9217 M. africanum subtype IIHumanUganda++++++++++++++
1167/9317 M. africanum subtype IIHumanUganda++++++++++++++
ATCC 2542012 M. africanum subtype IHumanSenegal++++++++++
ATCC 3571112 M. africanum subtype IHumanNDd++++++++++
1255/9317 M. africanum subtype IHumanSierra Leone++++++++++
1457/9317 M. africanum subtype IHumanSierra Leone++++++++++
1565/9317 M. africanum subtype IHumanSierra Leone++++++++++
1567/9317 M. africanum subtype IHumanSierra Leone++++++++++
17902 (85) 25 M. africanum subtype IHumanThe Netherlands++++++++++
17316 (6) 25 M. africanum subtype IHumanThe Netherlands++++++++++
ATCC 1942244 M. microti VoleUnited Kingdom+++++++++
ATCC 35782 M. microti VoleND+++++++++
ATCC 1115244 M. microti VoleUnited Kingdom+++++++++
97-227244 M. microti HumanThe Netherlands+++++++++
97-225744 M. microti HumanThe Netherlands+++++++++
1549644 M. microti VoleUnited Kingdom+++++++++
1549844 M. microti VoleUnited Kingdom+++++++++
1642044 M. microti VoleUnited Kingdom+++++++++
1591244 M. microti LlamaBelgium+++++++++
97-129744 M. microti FeretThe Netherlands+++++++++
Cip 1057762 M. caproe GoatSpain++++++++
ATCC 19210 M. bovis CowUnited States+++++++
TN5022 M. bovis HumanUnited States+++++++
ATCC 35725 M. bovis NDND+++++++
ATCC 35726 M. bovis CowND+++++++
ATCC 35730 M. bovis CowND+++++++
2001-831 M. bovis HumanThe Netherlands+++++++
CA-73 (73)25 M. bovis CowThe Netherlands+++++++
CA-117 (117)25 M. bovis CowArgentina+++++++
CA-126 (126)25 M. bovis CowArgentina+++++++
CA-130 (130)25 M. bovis CowThe Netherlands+++++++
BCGt M. bovis BCGVaccinePasteur-Tunis++++++
r4-93 M. bovis BCGNDND++++++
ATCC 27290 M. bovis BCGVaccineCopenhagen++++++
ATCC 35736 M. bovis BCGVaccineBrazil++++++
ATCC 35737 M. bovis BCGVaccineJapan++++++
TN10130 M. bovis BCGHumanUnited States++++++
NYS 9976 M. abscessus Ref.eUnited States++
H 15882 M. abscessus HumanUnited States++
H 21479 M. abscessus HumanUnited States++
T 61715 M. abscessus HumanUnited States++
MAC (BJ) M. avium complexHumanUnited States++
MAC (FL) M. avium complexHumanUnited States++
ATCC 19074 M. avium subsp. aviumHumanUnited States++
ATCC 25291 M. avium subsp. aviumChickenND++
ATCC 35781 M. avium subsp. aviumNDND++
9800847 M. avium subsp. aviumGooseBelgium++
9601138 M. avium subsp. aviumHumanThe Netherlands++
ATCC 19077 M. avium subsp. intracellulareHumanND++
ATCC 13950 M. avium subsp. intracellulareNDND++
9601103 M. avium subsp. intracellulareHumanThe Netherlands++
EG M. chelonae HumanUnited States++
PB M. chelonae HumanUnited States++
NYS IS0136 M. fortuitum Ref.United States++
W 37396 M. fortuitum HumanUnited States++
H 49581 M. fortuitum HumanUnited States++
NYS IS9775 M. fortuitum Ref.United States++
ML M. fortuitum HumanUnited States++
YG M. fortuitum HumanUnited States++
BD M. gordonae HumanUnited States++
GM M. gordonae HumanUnited States++
StrainaPrevious publication (reference)MtbC subspecies or MOTT speciesHostLocationResultb for:
16S rRNA rpoB Rv0577IS1081MPB70IS1561Rv3877/8 (RD1)Rv1510 (RD4)Rv3120 (RD12)Rv1257c (RD13)RV1970 (RD7)RD8Rv2073c (RD9)Rv0222 (RD10) -
900419 M. kansasii HumanThe Netherlands++
2000-1049 M. kansasii HumanThe Netherlands++
2000-1454 M. kansasii Tap waterBelgium++
2000-1457 M. kansasii BiofilmGermany++
2000-1458 M. kansasii Tap waterGermany++
2000-1459 M. kansasii Tap waterBelgium++
2000-1461 M. kansasii ToiletBelgium++
2000-1471 M. kansasii EnvironmentItaly++
2000-1493 M. kansasii WaterGermany++
2000-1495 M. kansasii Hot waterCzech Republic++
J18698 M. malmoense HumanThe Netherlands++
ATCC 927 M. marinum FishUnited States++
9801810 M. marinum HumanThe Netherlands++
990036 M. marinum HumanThe Netherlands++
xsim M. simiae NDUnited States++
ATCC 23038 M. smegmatis NDND++
mc2 M. smegmatis mc2 155United States++
SCC 74/31 M. szulgai HumanThe Netherlands++
myc 941 M. xenopi HumanThe Netherlands++
SR-BL M. xenopi HumanUnited States++
  • a Underlined strains were reclassified in this study and were originally designated M. africanum [no subtype] (13876 and 15082), M. bovis (2001-1225, 15199, 17902, 17316, and TN10130), or M. microti (ATCC 35781 and xsim). Identification numbers from reference 25 are in boldface.

  • b −, negative for a strong band of the correct size; +, positive for such a band.

  • c RDcan partially overlaps with RD12 (see reference 6).

  • d ND, no data.

  • e Ref., reference strain.