Positive and negative predictive values of assays in comparison with both gold standard methods at both low (2%) and high (10%) prevalence of C. difficile

AssayPPV and NPV values compared to cytotoxin testing at the indicated prevalence of C. difficilePPV and NPV values compared to cytotoxigenic culture at the indicated prevalence of C. difficile
Cytotoxin test67.792.099.798.5
Premier toxin A+B39.578.099.899.139.578.099.697.9
GA Clostridium difficile antigen14.848.699.597.314.047.099.396.3
Ridascreen toxin A/B21.760.199.396.321.760.199.295.6
Techlab toxin A/B II30.170.199.898.929.069.099.697.7
Remel ProSpecT19.957.599.898.819.857.499.697.9
Vidas C. difficile Tox A/B35.975.399.898.837.376.499.697.8
Remel Xpect56.387.599.597.669.092.499.496.6
Techlab Tox A/B Quik Chek54.686.899.798.359.188.799.597.2
Premier Immunocard A + B18.154.799.597.416.852.499.396.4
Techlab C. diff Chek-6020.658.699.898.824.063.199.798.6
BD GeneOhm C. difficile23.863.099.899.