C. difficile detection assays included in the evaluation in this study

Assay typeAssayTarget(s)Supplier
Well-type EIAPremier toxin A+BToxins A and BMeridian
GA Clostridium difficile antigenToxins A and BThe Binding Site
Ridascreen Clostridium difficile toxin A/BToxins A and BBiopharm
Toxin A/B IIToxins A and BTechlab
Remel ProSpecTToxins A and BOxoid
Automated immunoassayVidas C. difficile Tox A/BToxins A and BVidas
Membrane assayRemel XpectToxins A and BOxoid
Tox A/B Quik ChekToxins A and BTechlab
Premier Immunocard Stat toxin A and BToxins A and BMeridian
Well-type EIAC. diff Chek-60GDHTechlab
PCRGeneOhm C. difficiletcdB geneBD