Isolate identity, type of IA, and antifungal susceptibilities of rare aspergilli recovered in this study

Strain no.Transplant typeSite of isolationaMolecular identityCenterMIC μg/ml
IFI03-0026HeartHip (biopsy specimen) A. calidoustus A0.5>84>8
IFI01-0058Kidney/pancreasLung A. calidoustus A1>88>8
IFI03-0056HSCTbLung A. sydowii B10.520.5
IFI03-0059HSCTLung A. calidoustus B0.5>84>8
IFI02-0227HSCTLung A. tubingenesis C0.25110.06
IFI05-0038HSCTLung A. tubingenesis D0.125110.25
IFI05-0048HSCTLung A. sydowii E10.2510.25
IFI04-0143cHSCTLung (BAL fluid) A. calidoustus E1>88>8
IFI04-0137HSCTLung A. udagawae E10.2520.25
IFI04-0142cHSCTSkin A. calidoustus E1>84>8
IFI06-0001HSCTLung A. lentulus E20.540.25
IFI05-0046HSCTLung A. lentulus E20.520.25
IFI06-0011HSCTLung (sputum) A. lentulus E0.50.2510.25
IFI06-0014HSCTLung A. lentulus E20.540.25
IFI02-0149HSCTSkin N. pseudofischeri F0.1250.2520.5
IFI04-0005HSCTLung A. tubingenesis G0.125110.5
IFI03-0138HeartLung A. udagawae G20.250.50.125
IFI06-0129HSCTLung (sputum) A. tubingenesis H0.1250.50.50.25
IFI06-0126HSCTBlood E. quadrilineata H0.
IFI02-0093HSCTSkin lesion A. tubingenesis I0.1250.250.50.06
IFI02-0091LiverLung (sputum) A. udagawae I2220.25
IFI03-0055LungLung A. calidoustus J1>84>8
IFI04-0017HSCTLung A. tubingenesis K0.1250.510.25
  • a The site of isolation from the lung includes cultures of biopsy specimens or bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) fluid, unless otherwise indicated.

  • b HSCT, hematopoietic stem cell transplant.

  • c Previously identified as A. calidoustus (17).