Phenotypic and genotypic properties of MRSA strains from different inpatients at the University Hospital of Patras, Patras, Greece

Clonal typea (ClaI-mecA type:: Tn554 type:: PFGE type)Antibiotic resistancebOxacillin MIC (mg/liter)Yr of isola- tionNo. (%) of isolatesspaA typeAllelic profiledSTSCCmec type
VII′::NH::AAmp, Oxa, Amc, Ipm4-25619937WGKAKAOMQQQIV variante
Amp, Oxa, Amc, Ipm64-1,024199814WGKAKAOMQQQ2-2-2-2-6-3-230IV variante
Amp, Oxa, Amc, Ipm64-1,02419998WGKAKAOMQQQQ2-2-2-2-6-3-230IV variante
Amp, Oxa, Amc, Ipm≥1,02420005WGKAKAOMQQQIV variante
    Total PFGE type A34 (29)
X′::KK::BAmp, Oxa, Amc, Ipm, Ery, Cip, Fd, Sxt≥128199813WGKAOMQ2-3-1-1-4-4-3239IIIA
Amp, Oxa, Amc, Ipm, Ery, Cip, Fd, Sxt>1,024199912XKAOMQ2-3-1-1-4-4-3239IIIA
Amp, Oxa, Amc, Ipm, Ery, Cip, Fd, Sxt≥1,024200016XKAOMQIIIA
III′::KK::BAmp, Oxa, Amc, Ipm, Ery, Cip, Fd, Sxt≥128199811WGKAOMQ2-3-1-1-4-4-3239III
Amp, Oxa, Amc, Ipm, Ery, Cip, Fd, Sxt≥1,02419999WGKAOMQIII
Amp, Oxa, Amc, Ipm, Ery, Cip, Fd, Sxt>1,02420003NDfIII
III::KK::BAmp, Oxa, Amc, Ipm, Cip, Fd, Sxt, Amk128-25619932WGKAOMQIII
Amp, Oxa, Amc, Ipm, Ery, Cip, Fd, Sxtc≥1,02419992WGKAOMQIII
Amp, Oxa, Amc, Ipm, Ery, Cip, Fd, Sxt>1,02420003WGKAOMQIII
    Total PFGE type B71 (60)
II::NH::CAmp, Oxa, Amc, Ipm, Ery6419981UJGBBPB1-3-1-14-11-51-1080IV
Amp, Oxa, Amc, Ipm, Fd≥32200010UJGBBPB1-3-1-14-11-51-1080IV
    Total PFGE type C11 (9)
II::E::DAmp, Oxa, Amc, Ipm, Ery, Sxt, Spc819931YGFMBQBLPO3-3-1-1-4-4-38IV
III::B::EAmp, Oxa, Amc, Ipm, Ery, Sxt1619981XKAOMMQ2-3-1-1-4-4-3239III
  • a The ClaI-mecA::Tn554 polymorphs molecular sizes of the respective hybridization fragments were as follows: II, III (17), and III′ (2.2 and 4.05 kb); VII′ (2.2 and 7.6 kb); and X′ (2.2 and 5.9 kb). The Tn554 polymorphs were as follows: NH, no homology (lack of transposon); B and E (17); and KK, novel pattern (7.4 kb).

  • b The panel of antimicrobials included ampicillin (Amp), oxacillin (Oxa), amoxicillin clavulanic acid (Amc), imipenem (Ipm), erythromycin (Ery), ciprofloxacin (Cip), fusidic acid (Fd), sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim (Sxt), amikacin (Amk), and spectinomycin (Spc).

  • c One isolate was susceptible to erythromycin, ciprofloxacin, fusidic acid, and sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim.

  • d Allelic profile assignment (arcC-aroE-glpF-gmk-pta-tpi-yqiL) (10).

  • e The SCCmec type was determined by PCR amplification of the ccr gene (13, 21) and the mec gene complex (21) when the SCCmec type could not be inferred by the multiplex PCR strategy (24).

  • f ND, not determined.