Overview of hospital-related Acinetobacter isolates in 331 patients

ParameterValue for indicated yr
No. of patients2849583654465737
No. of patients/10,000 patient-daysa1.
No. of secondary casesb2112118271
No. of patients with isolate(s) typeda2247512452435636
No. of single strains2548562559456140
    A. baumannii52329520112313
    A. junii34221
    A. ursingii14112222
    A. lwoffii118210394
    Acinetobacter gen. sp. 13TU112311
    Acinetobacter gen. sp. “close to 13TU”1
    Acinetobacter gen. sp. 15TU12
    Acinetobacter gen. sp. 341281015161414
    A. radioresistens121
    A. calcoaceticus11211
    Acinetobacter gen. sp. 10211
    Acinetobacter gen. sp. 111111
    A. johnsonii213133
    A. haemolyticus12
    A. gyllenbergii11
    Acinetobacter gen. sp. 14BJ111
    Acinetobacter gen. sp. “between 1 and 3”1
    A. beijerinckii23
    A. parvus1
    Acinetobacter gen. sp. 161
  • a Secondary cases were included.

  • b Secondary cases are defined as patients with the same genotype at the same period at the same ward.