Patient and strain information

StrainSusceptibilityPhage groupAge (yr)/sexaDiseaseMLST result
NT935MSSAII (3C/71)72/WEndocarditis (mitral valve)NTb
NT936MSSAII (3A/3C/55/71)52/WSoft tissue infection (neutropenia caused by chemotherapy)NT
NT937MSSAIII (53/93)43/MOsteomyelitisNT
NT938MSSAIII (6/53/54/75/83A/84/89)58/MOsteomyelitis (Th10 to L5 plus abscessus epiduralis and subduralis)NT
NT939MSSAII (55)40/MSpondylitis (Th12)NT
NT940MSSANT5/MOsteomyelitis (left femur)NT
NT941MSSAI (80 complex, a subtype of group I)12/MOsteomyelitis (right clavicular-sternal joint)NT
NT942MRSANAc67/MUrinary tact infectionST8
  • a W, woman; M, male.

  • b NT, nontypeable.

  • c NA, not analyzed.