Results from serology (ELISA), PCR,a and isolation of CvHV2 in cell culture for unaffected animals and for each group of animals with clinical symptoms of IKCb

Group (no. of animals)No. of ELISA-positive animals/total no. tested (%)No. of PCR-positive swab samples/total no. testedVirus isolation
EyeNasalVaginalcNo. of eye swabs for which CvHV2 was isolatedSum of CPE scoresd
Unaffected animals (grade 0) (12)5/12 (42)5/122/123/1100
Animals with clinical symptoms
    Grade 1 (6)5/65/63/61/413
    Grade 2 (5)4/54/52/51/539
    Grade 3 (7)5/76/75/71/6311
    Grade 4 (3)3/33/32/30/313
    Grade 5 (5)5/53/55/53/500
    NAe (2)2/22/21/20/200
    Total (28)24/28 (86)23/2818/286/258/2826
All animals (40)29/40 (73)28/4020/409/368/4026
  • a Of the UL27 gene, encoding gB.

  • b Animals with clinical symptoms are grouped according to the severity of the symptoms, from mild (grade 1) to severe (grade 5).

  • c For vaginal swabs, the total number of animals tested is the number of the females in each group.

  • d Calculated by adding the individual CPE scores for all animals from whose eye swabs CvHV2 was isolated. Individual CPE scores range from 1 (slightly cytopathic) to 4 (highly cytopathic).

  • e NA, not assessed.