Overview of the results for non-spa-typeable S. aureus strains

StrainPCR/sequencing resultDeletionspa typeResult(s) by:
Southern blottingReal-time PCRaWestern blottingb
NT 935+/+C domain+ frameshift + stop codonUnknown; CCTGGT + 10 repeats+EL, 0.44; LL, 0.47; SP, 0.08Ex
NT 936−/−ND
NT 937+/+A, B, and C domainst127+EL, 59.71; LL, 19.70; SP, 7.73CW
NT 938+/+C domaint656+EL, 0.01; LL, ND; SP, 0.01Ex + CW
NT 939+/+C domaint2119+EL, 0.57; LL, 0.09; SP, 0.08Ex + CW
NT 940−/−+EL, 0.02; LL, 0.05; SP, 0.01
NT 941+/+D, A, B, and C domainsA4944+EL, 168.9; LL, 6.28; SP, 0.71CW
NT 942−/−ND
  • a EL, early-log phase; LL, late-log phase; SP, stationary phase; ND, nondetectable.

  • b Ex, extracellular; CW, cell wall associated.