Results of the Genotype HelicoDR test for strains of Helicobacter species other than H. pylori

Non-pylori Helicobacter speciesHybridization results for the probes present on the DNA stripa
HPgyrAgyr87 WT1gyr87 WT2gyr87 WT3gyr87 WT4gyr87 MUTgyr91 WTgyr91 MUT1gyr91 MUT2gyr91 MUT323S23S WT23S MUT123S MUT223S MUT3
H. winghamensis
H. cholecystus++
H. mustelae++±++
H. cinaedi++
H. canadensis++
H. fennelliae+++
H. acinonychis+++++++
H. hepaticus
H. canis++
H. salomonis++
H. pametensis++
H. muridarum+
H. rappini±+
H. bizzozeronii++
H. ganmani
H. pullorum
H. felis+
H. bilis
H. typhlonius+
H. cetorum+++
  • a +, positive signal; −, negative signal; ±, weakly positive signal.