Comparison of results of routine bacterial culture with those of EntericBio system for detection of Salmonella enterica, Shigella spp., Campylobacter spp., and E. coli O157

OrganismNo. (%) of samples with positive results by use of the followinga:
Routine cultureEntericBio system
Salmonella enterica 4 (0.5)4 (0.5)
Shigella spp.01 (0.1)
Campylobacter spp.30 (3.9)42 (5.4)
E. coli O157b8 (1.0)12 (1.6)
    Total42 (5.4)59 (7.6)
  • a A total of 731 (94.6%) samples were negative by routine culture and 714 (92.4%) samples were negative with the EntericBio system.

  • b A total of 10 positive results were generated by the National E. coli Reference Laboratory by using PCR, and subculture from EntericBio broth yielded an additional 2 positive culture results compared with the number of positive results obtained by the routine culture methods for the same 10 samples.