Clinical characteristics of R. equi isolates detected in AIDS patients, rifampin MICs, RpoB amino acid substitutions, and PFGE patterns

Strain no.Patient age (yr); sexSourceDiagnosisNo. of CD4+ cells/mm3 (CD4/CD8)TreatmentaPrognosis RFP MIC (μg/ml)Amino acid substitution (E. coli numbering)PFGE pattern
121; maleSputumPneumonia10 (0.01)RFP, INH, EB, PZADeath>128Ser531TrpA1
232; maleSputumPneumonia0RFP, EMImproved>128His526TyrB
342; maleSputumPneumonia10 (0.01)RFP, EMDeath64Ser531TrpA2
438; maleBloodLung abscess21 (0.03)RFP, EMImproved8Ser509ProC
542; femaleSputumLung abscess10 (0.15)RFP, INH, EB, PZAUnknown0.5NoneD
632; maleSputumLung abscessNot determinedRFP, EMDeath0.5NoneD
724; maleSputumPneumonia10 (0.09)PCG, GMImproved0.5NoneE1
830; maleBloodLung abscess5 (0.02)RFP, EMImproved0.5NoneE2
  • a RFP, rifampin; EM, erythromycin; INH, isoniazid; EB, ethambutol; PZA, pyrazinamide; PCG, penicillin G; GM, gentamicin.