Average distance of bacterial aggregates to the surface of wound samples

Wound biopsy specimenBacterial species detected by PNA-FISHAvg distance to wound surface (μm)b
LGA02 S. aureus 28.3 (6.6)
BIJ04 S. aureus 8.8 (1.7)
HAH08 S. aureus 28.1 (5.0)
M2a S. aureus 26.1 (5.1)
Pt17 S. aureus 23.7 (3.7)
M3a P. aeruginosa 57.5 (9.4)
Pt11 P. aeruginosa 50.0 (13.4)
Pt20 P. aeruginosa 53.5 (9.9)
Pt23B P. aeruginosa 68.7 (11.2)
Pt31 P. aeruginosa 46.1 (6.0)
  • a Specimens M2 and M3 are biopsy specimens obtained from the same wound. Both S. aureus and P. aeruginosa were detected in these biopsy specimens. In the case of specimen M2, the distance of S. aureus to the wound surface was analyzed, whereas in the case of specimen M3, the distance of P. aeruginosa to the wound surface was analyzed.

  • b The center of mass of the bacterial aggregates on each image was located, and its distance to the wound surface was measured. The average distances of the center of mass to the wound surface were obtained from 15 images acquired for each wound sample. The values in parentheses are standard deviations.