Univariate analysis (P < 0.10) of variables associated with a shorter time to notification

VariableP value
Demographic variables at admission and at T0
    Admission to general medicine0.0161
    Admission to hematology/oncology0.0503
    Presence of fever within 24 h of T00.0187
    Higher temperature at T00.0024
    Higher respiratory rate at T00.0109
    Higher percentage of bands at T00.0094
    Immunosuppressed patients0.0824
    Absence of arterial line at T00.0004
    Absence of endotracheal tube at T00.0008
    Absence of indwelling urinary catheter at T00.0093
    Absence of surgical drain at T00.0749
    Location on floor at T0 (not ICU)0.0155
    Shorter time from admission to T00.0039
Microbiologic variables
    Bacteremia with E. coli0.0001
    Bacteremia with Klebsiella spp.0.0020
    Bacteremia with pneumococci0.0100
    Bacteremia with enterococci0.0004
    Bacteremia with group B streptococcus0.0772
    Bacteremia with gram-negative organisms<0.0001
    More blood cultures with the same organism0.0270
    Bacteremia source of respiratory tract0.0580
    Community-acquired bacteremia0.0064
Outcome variables
    Shorter time from T0 to discharge0.0331
    Shorter total length of stay0.0016
    Fewer antibiotics given0.0027
    Fewer total blood cultures drawn0.0003
    Never admitted to ICU0.0869
    Never intubated0.0002
    Fewer mean days of intubation0.0814
    Fewer mean days with central venous catheter0.0556
    Never with arterial line0.0102
    Fewer mean days with art line0.0017
    Never received total parenteral nutrition0.0442
    Never with indwelling urinary catheter0.0021
    Fewer infectious diseases consults performed0.0016
    Decreased antibiotic charges0.0092
    Decreased pharmacy charges0.0332
    Decreased microbiology charges<0.0001
    Decreased laboratory charges0.0023
    Decreased total charges0.0011