Accelerated failure time regression analysis of independent effects of risk factors on length of stay after the index positive blood culture (from T0 until discharge)a

Risk factor variableχ2P valueDuration ratio95% confidence interval
Admitting service77.602<0.0001
Acquisition (hospital versus community)51.541<0.00011.561.38, 1.76
Organism group (versus yeast)19.4430.0002
    Anaerobes0.6700.41300.830.53, 1.30
    Gram negatives1.3270.24930.830.61, 1.14
    Gram positives0.3490.55451.100.81, 1.48
Age11.6080.00070.9940.990, 0.997
Time from T0 until Gram stain called (per hour of time)5.3450.02081.0041.001, 1.008
Gender (female versus male)5.2330.02221.151.02, 1.29
  • a Weibull loglikelihood, −1287.90; Weibull scale, 0.864.