B. anthracis, B. cereus, B. thuringiensis, B. mycoides, and B. megaterium strains used in this study

Bacillus sp.Strain no.aAccession no.
B. anthracis SterneAY169510
B. anthracis Pasteur no. 2 ArmyAY169511
B. anthracisATCC 14185AY169512
B. anthracisGJ-1cAY169513
B. anthracisGJ-2cAY169514
B. anthracis AmesbNC003997b
B. anthracis FloridabA2012NC003995b
B. anthracis Kruger BbNC004126b
B. anthracis Western NAb
B. cereusATCC 9634AY169515
B. cereusIMSNU 11011AY169516
B. cereusIMSNU 11012AY169517
B. cereusIMSNU 11013AY169518
B. cereusIMSNU 13043AY169519
B. cereusIMSNU 13044AY169520
B. cereusIMSNU 13045AY169521
B. cereusIMSNU 13046AY169522
B. cereusIMSNU 13047AY169523
B. cereusIMSNU 12076AY169524
B. cereusIMSNU 12077AY169525
B. cereusIMSNU 12078AY169526
B. cereusIMSNU 12079AY169527
B. cereusKCTC 1012AY169528
B. cereusKCTC 1014AY169529
B. thuringiensisKCTC 1507AY169530
B. thuringiensisKCTC 1509AY169531
B. thuringiensisIMSNU 12089AY169532
B. thuringiensis subsp. berlinerIMSNU 12095AY169533
B. thuringiensis subsp. dendrolimusIMSNU 12096AY169534
B. thuringiensis subsp. entomocidusIMSNU 12097AY169535
B. thuringiensis subsp. finitimusIMSNU 12098AY169536
B. thuringiensis subsp. indianaIMSNU 12099AY169537
B. thuringiensis subsp. kurstakiIMSNU 10051AY169538
B. thuringiensis subsp. pakistaniIMSNU 12092AY169539
B. mycoidesKCCM 40260AY169540
B. megateriumKCTC 3007AY169541
  • a ATCC, American Type Culture Collection; IMSNU, Institute of Microbiology Seoul National University; KCTC, Korean Collection for Type Cultures; KCCM, Korean Culture Center of Microorganisms.

  • b B. anthracis strains that for which the rpoB sequences were obtained from the public database GenBank or from the website of The Institute for Genomic Research (

  • c B. anthracis strains isolated from human (GJ-1) and cow (GJ-2) sources in Korea.