Characteristics of mycobacterial identification methods

ParameterTB AccuProbeLiPA assayrpoB sequencing
IdentificationMTBCMTBCAll mycobacterium spp.
Detection of RIF resistanceNoOnly the four most common mutation types (others are detected indirectly only)All types of mutations
Turnaround timeWithin 24 hWithin 24 h4 to 5 days (using the institutional core facilities)
LaborEasy to performLabor-intensiveLabor-intensive
InstrumentationHeat blocks, sonicator, luminometer, centrifugeThermocycler, shaking water bath, gel casting systemThermocycler, gel casting system, automated sequencer
Standardization for liquid mediumNonstandardized sample preparationStandardizedHome brewed
Quality-controlled kit formatYesYesNo