Genetic subtypes of stx2 present in STEC isolates of different animal or meat origins

stx2 subtype% STEC isolates from different sources possessing alternative stx2 genetic subtypesa
Lamb meat (n = 103)Sheep (carcasses and feces) (n = 38)Ground beef (n = 63)Beef cattle (carcasses and feces) (n = 51)Dairy cattle sources (n = 56)
stx 2 23295159
stx 2 and stx2c vha000144
stx 2 and stx2c vhb003211
stx 2 and stx2d EH25030000
stx 2c vha 1811225
stx 2c vhb 201147
stx 2d EH250 77792162
stx 2c vha and stx2c vhb10022
stx 2d EH250 and stx2c vha10000
stx 2d EH250 and stx2c vhb10000
  • a Percentages are rounded to the nearest integer value.

  • b Primers GK5 and GK6 did not amplify the correct amplicon from the stx2B gene.

  • c Primers GK5 and GK6 amplified amplicons of the correct size from the stx2B gene; however, the amplicons did not digest in a manner consistent with the anticipated RFLP scheme.