Multivariate linear regression model of factors independently associated with total hospital costs for patients with bacteremiaa

VariablebMean squareF-valueP
Total length of stay196.8546.6<0.0001
No. of ICU admissions43.8121.8<0.0001
Nosocomial (vs community onset)37.9105.4<0.0001
Length of stay prior to T07.922.1<0.0001
Presence of CVC at T06.417.8<0.0001
Previous hospitalization4.512.70.0004
Admitting clinical service1.95.4<0.0001
Polymicrobial bacteremia1.74.70.03
Organism group1.54.10.007
  • a R 2 = 0.76.

  • b ICU, intensive care unit.