Serotype S. enterica Serotype Paratyphi B strains isolated between 1996 and 2001 from human clinical cases and nonclinical strains from poultry

No. of strains testedOriginaPhage typebd-Tartrate fermentation
15Sporadic cases associated with systemic infections, fever, and septicemiaTaunton/B7
1Water isolateTaunton/B7
3International outbreak of paratyphoid fever (1999)Taunton/B7
2Septicemic infections1
1Typhoid infection3b/A1
4Sporadic cases of systemic infection, fever, and septicemia3a1/B6
6Sporadic cases of gastroenteritis3b var 2+
7Sporadic cases of gastroenteritisUT/NC+
19Sporadic cases of gastroenteritisDundee/B6+
3Sporadic cases of gastroenteritis1b var 3/1+
1Gastroenteritis1 var 2/nc+
2Sporadic cases of gastroenteritis, diarrheaJersey/var 1/nc+
3Sporadic cases of gastroenteritis1 var 2+
3Sporadic cases of gastroenteritis3bvar9/1+
5Poultry, flock B (1999)Dundee/B6+
5Poultry, flock A (1999)UT/NC+
1Poultry, flock C (1999)3b/NC+
  • a Poultry flocks A, B, and C were from geographically distant locations.

  • b Phage types according to Rische and Ziesché (23). UT, untypeable; NC, not characteristic.